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Al Cenac Towing L.L.C started in October 2011. We specialize in the transport of liquid petroleum products throughout the Gulf Coast. Our base of marine operation ranges from Brownsville, Texas to Pensacola, Florida.

At present, our fleet consists of two 2,400 horsepower push boats, two 2,000 horsepower push boats, one 1,500 horsepower, and two 1,320 horsepower push boats, two 30,000 bbl tank barges.


Al Cenac Towing provides charter horsepower, supporting the inland marine transportation throughout the intracoastal waterway from Brownsville, TX to Pensacola Florida.


Al Cenac Towing strives to provide excellent service, while maintaining a safe, secure, and environmentally conscious work environment. Al Cenac Towing strives for the highest goals, including zero incidents related to safety, security, equipment, and the environment.

Pat Cenac
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