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Leaders in Marine Industry

Founded in 1987, family owned and operated, Caillou Island Towing Company, Inc. brings over 75 years of combine experience in the inland marine transportation industry. With industry ever-changing, the need to expand our customer base was evident. In 2011, Al Cenac Towing, LLC was formed and began with our first new build push boat; the MV Al Cenac. Now, with 13 vessels, both for inland and offshore use, Caillou Island Towing and Al Cenac Towing are able to provide charter horsepower to customers in all sectors of the marine industry. Both Al Cenac Towing and Caillou Island Towing Companies are continually expanding their fleets to ensure all of our customers needs and expectations are met, along with complying with all industry standards.

13 Vessels

80 Employees

75+ years of combined experience

What We Offer

Through our extensive connections within the industry, we can find the perfect boat to fill your needs. 

Our Fleet

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